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Which desktop computer is better quality, more dependable......Dell Inspiron 580, or a comparable HP, Acer or Gateway?
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  1. Depends on the bells and whistles you want and what you have plans to use your computer for. my Opinion is a bare bones systems with a generic Bios is the best. you have more control of your computer and usually you can upgrade them without replacing the power supply since name brand computers usually use what is needed tor run the machine you purchased.
  2. I do multi-tasking with several browsers open, while playing music, chatting, watching videos, etc, etc. I think I know how much memory, what size drive, etc, etc., but I don't know what brand. They all sound bad. I don't know how to build a computer, so I have to buy one already built.
  3. I also want wireless and an HDMI port. I really don't want to spend over $800 or so for CPU and monitor.
  4. goto tiger direct or newegg they can help you out allot and will assemble it for you. but then I am assuming you want a desktop ? wireless is needed if you have more than one machine and you need a router and do not want to wire your house. router is needed for laptop mobility to access internet through out the house.
  5. Yes, desktop. I'm already set up for wireless. I have to check out newegg and see what kind of support they have, who pays for shipping each way, etc. etc. That can get expensive too if I have to pay if it has to be returned. Thanks a lot for your help!
  6. If you sign up for there news letter on either new-egg or tiger-direct and wait a few days you will see some goober deals that are not offered on there website. but then just about any online dealer will have email offers so your choice of vendor is up to you the two I mentioned is what I primarily use.
  7. HCL is best.....
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