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Hey guys,
as you've probably all heard the r600 launch has been delayed til may, which is very frustrating for people that have already bought a crossfire board in hopes of getting that new card and are now stuck with their old one.

So I was thinking about screwing Crossfire and just get a Nvidia card like the 8800 GTS/GTX. My question is, do any problems occur when I run an Nvidia card on a Crossfire board (Chipset Xpress3200)? (except the fact that its really stupid to have such a board an not being able to use its crossfire ability)
Performance adequate to only a single video card being used should still be the same as when I would run it on a SLI board, shouldn't it?

Also I thought maybe one of you has advice for me about what to do next... should I wait till MAY until the r600 is finally released (if they won't delay again) or just get an Nvidia card now and feel sorry for the additional 50 bucks I've wasted on a board whose full potential I will never be able to use?

thanks for any input
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  1. My feeling is although the Nvidia card is super fast for dx9 games, you can not get the full advantage of dx10 either, and probably will not for some time yet. Unless you just cannot stand waiting any longer and you have money burning a hole in your pocket, I'd wait. As for whether the Nvidia card will work on your Crossfire board, I can't say for sure, I would assume it should work fine.
  2. thx 4 answering

    the reason for asking in the first place was that atm basically I have a pretty fast CPU (AM 2 5200+) and 2 gigs of PC800 memory, yet only a crappy radeon x1800xt 256 mb as video card which is totally keeping my rig from performing at appropriate levels. being stuck with a crossfire board makes the situation worse as you HAVE to buy ATI and without any ATI dx10 cards out yet this is kind of a dilemma, cause buying e.g. 1950xtx is the dumbest thing to do :(
  3. What do you mean by "appropriate levels"? The x1800xt might not be a top of the line card anymore, but my impression is, it doesn't screw around either.

    So unless you have a monitor that'll play games on resolutions high enough that the x1800 is unsatisfying, there's really no point upgrading yet anyway.
  4. yea, i have a 22" monitor so that requires games to be played at 1280x1024 at least and when playing e.g. oblivion (i know that one's a framerate killer but anyway) with AA and details it drops to a slideshow outside of buildings. anyways, thx for the advice i think I'm gonna get an 8800gtx after all... SLI/CF won't be necessary with these high end cards anyways (i hope) ;)
  5. I have run Nvidia cards in the past on crossfire boards. I built the computer for my father in law, so I didn't get to playaround with it too much to see any problems. So I know that it will work
  6. alright, thx alot for that info, good to know
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