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Hi everyone. I recently bought a new computer and now have put my old P3 laptop in another room. I was weighting the possibility of setting up a home network via a router. I download a lot of large file through bit torrent so I don't want a router to throttle my speed. I understand that I need a fast router for that reason. However, I don't plan on using my laptop to do the bit torrent downloads. I just need the laptop to do light surfing, emailing and occasional video streaming. That being the case, could I just buy a "regular" cheap router for the home network, knowing that the new desktop will handle the bit torrent duties or do I still have to get a fast router since the router will slow all downloads on the network.

Your advise is greatly appreciated.
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  1. How fast is your internet connection?
  2. I have an adsl connection. I did a speed test at and my dl speed was 2.09 mbps and ul speed was 569kbps.
  3. Check Tom's router performance chart here.

    With a download speed of 3Mbps, there aren't too many routers in the chart that could not handle that WAN to LAN throughput. However, that said, I would buy something mid or higher in the performance numbers... you never know down the line; maybe you'll be adding computers and upgrading your service.

    Besides, cheap is cheap. Best to stay away from it if you can.
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