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ok, on a budget, cant go over about 100.00. want the best case quality i can get to fit in Evga 8800GTS. prefer NO side window and no front door. thanks a bunch. also looking for a case that has all the fans etc i'll need to start . can always add later but budget budget budget (translated to wifey will kill me if i spend too much lol)
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  1. "Case List for 8800GTX/GTS" - cinder@anand's forums"]

    Updated list as of Jan. 16, 2006:

    Antec 900
    Antec 1050B
    Antec p180**
    Antec p160**
    Antec Performance II SX835
    Antec PlusView 2
    Antec Sonata 1
    Antec Sonata II (extra airduct removed fits GTX)
    Antec Super Lanboy**
    Apevia X-Cruiser**
    Apevia X-Pider
    Aspire X-Qpack (Not sure if works 100% without a case mod)
    Asus Vento 3600
    Chenming CMUI-601
    Coolermaster Stacker 830
    Coolmax Centurion 5
    CoolerMaster Praetorian 730
    CoolerMaster WaveMaster
    Enermax 721
    Enermax Chakra Case
    Enermax CS-5271BFS
    Gigabyte 3D Aurora
    Gigabyte GZ-FA1CA
    GlobalWin YCC-61F1
    Lian LI PC-7 Plus
    Lian Li PC-75
    Lian-Li PC-777
    Lian Li PC-A10
    Lian Li PC-V2100+
    Lian-Li V1200 Plus
    Lian-Li V1200B Plus
    MGE Quantum
    MGE Titanium
    NZXT Lexa "Retro toaster"
    Silverstone TJ07
    Silverstone TJ09
    Thermaltake Aguila**
    Theramltake Armor
    Thermaltake Kandalf
    Thermaltake Mambo**
    Thermaltake Shark
    Thermaltake Soprano
    XG CA-SW2-K (must change included power supply)
    XION Solaris**

    **Might have to remove a drive cage

    Since the centurion 5 is listed, then the spouse-friendly Centurion RC-531-KKN1 $30/$40 shipped @ chiefvalue is definitly an option.
    It is included with one 120mm so a second would not be a bad upgrade. I have used the side vents to mod-fit 80mm fans when more cooling is needed.
  2. lol i luv it! thx so much! :P
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