Need advice on power supply pls help

I'm planning on building the following system and wondering if the power supply listed below will be good or would you guys recommend another one?

2 raptor hard drives
1 7200 hard drive
2gb ram
7800 gtx (will be changed to a 8900gtx when they come out)
2 dvd drives
additional sound card

Thanks in advance.
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  1. We don't know what kind of power draw there will be with the 8900GTX yet, but as long as you don't intend to run 2 of them in SLI, you should be fine.
  2. Yes, it would be a good power supply.

    See the list here................

    All PSUs listed here are considered "quality"

    Your PSU is listed as a "Tier3" which is the bottom of the list but still considered quality.

    You could checkout some of the Tier2 models to see if they may your price range.
  3. Your power supply would work. Antec is a real solid company. My suggestion is that if you have the money try to go for a 750watt power supply. Thats if you have the money in your budget. You wont regret it because it leaves so much room for yourself in the future. You also wont run into instability problems if you over clock. That extra headroom will be nice. Also, I just wanted to say that I use this powersupply:

    I LOVE it, its modular, 600watts and is running my system nicely. I have had ZERO issues with it since I bought it 6 months ago. For some reason its not on that list the guy posted... but my opinion is that its really good quality and on top of that its a beautiful piece of hardware : ). Good luck with your search!
  4. Quote:

    I've never even heard of that Kingwin before.

    Bearing that in mind, don't buy it.

    You can also get the Corsair HX520 cheaper somewhere else. has it for $99 shipped.

    The NeoHE is the same thing as the Corsair HX520, they're the exact same OEM manufacturer, exact same internals/components and they're both modular. I'd rate them the same except for the fact that I think the Corsair is built better.

    If you're spending $120-140 you could easily get the Corsair HX620 somewhere else.

    The 520 is enough for an 8800GTX, but I would recommend the 620.
  5. With all the stuff you got plusupgrading to an 8800 vga card you need more watts or your going to run into stability issues i hope this may help you out.

    i belive you need some thing in this range with your set up and stay away from antec.

    but if you do not want to go that high in watts stick to the libirty series enermax.
  6. I agree with NamelessmMC, the corsair's are good psu's. + 5 year warranty. :wink:
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