Problems with dual wan router

I'm using an Edimax dual wan router (BR-6624) to load balance two broadband connections. I have WAN1 connected to a Zen Internet modem router, and WAN2 connected to Sky Broadband.

From time to time PC’s on the LAN will lose connectivity to web sites. They can be working fine one minute, then suddenly cannot connect to web URL’s. When the problem happens they can sometimes ping the DNS server, and can access mail servers, but web pages are not found. If I disconnect either of the two WAN connections (it doesn’t matter which one) the problem goes away, and the PC can access web sites again. If I wait for a few minutes the problem also usually goes away.

I've noticed that this problem only seems to occur with PCs which have a static LAN IP address - I haven't yet seen the problem on a machine with a DHCP-assigned address.

I've also found another issue when I have both WANs connected - and this one affects ALL PCs on the LAN. I am unable to connect to certain secure sites (e.g. banking sites). When I move from the home page to the login page I get a 404 error. Again, if I unplug either of the two WAN connections the problem goes away.

Does anyone have any idea what might be causing the above problems? I've referred them to Edimax tech support but haven't had a reply yet.
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  1. hy there

    I propose restore default settings, and after that enable dhcp, no reserved ip adresses and the traffic limiting you can do with the sessions per second limiter, and with priority settings

    is a good fine router in wired network, in wireless network better buy something else
  2. The second issue that you describe regarding secure sites is because when you connect via Dual wan with a "load balance" setup, your connecting IP essentially changes depending on which wan port is least busy. So your bank web site assigns your session variable and checks your IP when you login, then when you click a link, your router sends you out through the other wan, the web site sees your IP address has apparently changed and kicks you off (good security can be a pain).

    The solution is to bind the HTTPS protocol to either one of the WAN ports so all secure traffic uses a single connection and IP address. You will have to check with your router instructions on how to do this.
  3. we are also experiencing this issue. After connecting these load balances we also started to experience a delay specially in connection establishment.

    secure site problems obvious.

    I personally think Linux box with policy routing can create better performance than these devices.
    Please post your comments.
  4. hi steven here from the Philippines and I'm also experiencing the same problem like you do . there has been a conflict or what so ever that i cant explained, i changed the configuration almost everyday hoping to be fine but it seems nothing happen i have 37 lan users and 1server in my shop ., pls tell me what to do... tnx

    PS i also restore it to default restore setting and even upgrade the firmware...
    but obviously nothing happens..

    my dual wan router is BR-6624
    isp wan1 = dynamic ip
    isp wan2 = pppoe
  5. add to my reply above.. when all of the computers start to connect to the web it randomly kick 1 or more pc's and that pc's will be disconnected ,, i don't know if there's a limiting number of computer or other limiting options in the dual wan router ...pls help me configured it right .. hopefully there was 1 to show me the guide or instructions clearly.. tnx
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