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Greetings People!

Sorry for being such a pain, and asking you to guys to respond to another one of those boring queries. But I'd be grateful if you all could help me with a project I'm working on regarding "Effects of online marketing on consumers' buying decision with respect to computer components (hardware)".

I'm mainly looking at desktop computer components like motherboards, graphics cards, RAM etc.

Now I'd like to have your views on the following:

1. What do you look for when going through a manufacturer website? (For example, if you're looking at buying a new motherboard, what do you look for on a manufacturer's website. say, ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI etc.)

2. How important is a website's appearance to you? (For example, animations and banners etc.)

3. Do you look for multimedia downloads on these websites (screensavers, promos, wallpapers)?

4. How often are you able to get the information that you want instantly (as in, user friendly website design, intuitive layout)?

5. Do opinions on online forums and social media sites affect your purchase decisions or interest? If yes, then which forums/websites do you normally look at for user opinions?

6. How important do you think is it for these manufacturers to be present on social media sites, or would you prefer to get in touch with a company representative through some other form of communication?

Once again, I wish to apologize for this lengthy post, but your responses will be highly appreciated!!

Thank you everyone, for your patience and spending your valuable time!!
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  1. 1) specification!
    2) appearance does not matter as much as reputation
    3) NO!
    4) Almost always since I usually know what I am looking for.
    5) I usually decide on a product and do research, obvious problems in professional reviews on respectable hardware sites will change my mind.
    6) All I want from the manufacturer is a good support service online and phone! Most major manufacturers are good at donating equipment for review on the sites I visit and that to me is enough advertisement for a do it yourself person.
  2. Thank you for your prompt reply.. First of all, let me apologize for replying so late.. I hat to bug you with another question after that long post, but I'd like to know if you still like to get a look and feel of a product after reading the reviews online.
    As in, do you like to "try" out a product before you actually buy one?
    Thanks for replying ance again. I really appreciate you taking time out.
  3. No not really, already formed a opinion.
  4. If the product is hands on, IE a tablet, monitor, or keyboard, then I must absolutely have it in hand before buying. If its hands off, such as PC internals, then I have no need to try before I buy.

    What is this being used for? Market research for an on-line store?
  5. 1. Clearly defined specs, and informative pictures. Don't make me download a manual to find out if there is a speaker included.
    2. I don't care about looks beyond that, but I do care about speed. I'm offended when someone looking to take my money can't be bothered to spend a few bucks on a better webserver.
    3. No
    4. Rarely.
    5. That would depend on the product in question. I'm more interested in expert opinions than user opinions. In general TH, Anandtech, Hardwaresecrets, Jonnyguru, Hardocp, Xstreamsystems forums for water cooling.
    6. Actual valuable communication from companies is what I like. Honesty. When a company like OCZ swaps the NAND in their SSDs for slower and then has to be cornered by the media, that's a big problem for me.
  6. CompTIA_Rep said:
    If the product is hands on, IE a tablet, monitor, or keyboard, then I must absolutely have it in hand before buying. If its hands off, such as PC internals, then I have no need to try before I buy.

    What is this being used for? Market research for an on-line store?

    Hi! Well not really a market research for an online store, but I'm doing a personal study of online purchase of computer hardware. This includes the initial opinion formed when the consumer visits the company's public facing website, to the information search on forums. And finally, the online retailers where the consumer has pretty much made up his/her mind as to which product to purchase but is looking for the best deals.

    This is a part of a project that I'm doing in school, where we have to "launch" an imaginary motherboard/graphic card manufacturing company and develop an online marketing strategy for the same. This is basically a dipstick survey where I can get insights from the customers who are considered "early adopters" according to the technology adoption cycle. I know it's a pain to actually to type all these details, but I'd be really grateful if you could fill up this form:

    It shouldn't take too long, and your assistance will be deeply appreciated!! Plus, your help might actually go a long way in making me pass this course!
  7. 1) Full Specifications on the product, driver availability and ease of use. As well as screenshots of the products is what I look for.

    2) Not very important, I just prefer an easy to navigate website. Any of the top tier vendors will have an aesthetically pleasing website just because they invest so much money in marketing. So little differences between the vendors isn’t a large deal to me.

    3) Never, this is of no importance to me.

    4) I wouldn’t say you could get anything instantly, but within a few pages of navigation or 15-30 seconds of looking. I’m usually able to find what I need. In rare occasions I have to go to a third party hardware review website for information.

    5) Absolutely. I’m by no means a full time professional (although I do know quite a bit) and I value the reviews and articles on review websites such as TH, Anandtech, hardwarecanucks, ncixforums, etc.

    6) Not at all, I would prefer they weren’t involved. I appreciate vendors that have website live chat support because that is usually the easiest form of contact.
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