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Very Loud eVGA 7600GT Problem

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February 24, 2007 1:16:42 AM

Bought this card, works great on Vista but louder than all the rest of my fans combined, basically a tiny little fan running full tilt even when PC on idle.

I phoned eVGA and they recommended download ntunes from nVidia, done, can change fan speed from Auto to manual in software but card bios appears to be locked on full speed.

My choices are RMA card or software fix or after market cooler. Any cheap recommendations and is it hard to do?

Update, just swaped card into Dell PC on Windows XP, same problem, fan goes max speed even when PC on idle.

Thanks for advice . . .

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February 24, 2007 5:58:22 PM

i have a January 2007 vintage eVGA 7600GT. running with XP. if i do an "unhide all" on a 3D max tutorial, and then attempt to rotate the viewport, with a lot of geometry on the screen, the fan will fire up.

is there a configuration of Vista that is graphics-intensive ?

i think it's worth doing an RMA, unless there is consensus that some configs. of Vista need more than a 7600 GT.
February 24, 2007 6:05:55 PM

Thanks Ravi

So it sounds like under low workload conditions on XP your fan is quiet but when heavier graphics load then fan speeds up, sounds good.

Not mine, whether in XP or Vista PC it's full blast vacuum hoover all the time.

Since my OP I read reviews on Newegg and many complain of loud noise and inability toi slow fan down, I also went to evga's website and rea their forum's, also many people with same problem.

In my Dell case it is more insulated and thus quieter, have to think if I should return, a pain plus shipping and a 15% restocking fee.
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February 24, 2007 6:30:19 PM

Thanks windex, OK aftermarket VGA cooler options:

1) fanless Thermalright is $50

2) Zalman are $30-40

Q1 How easy are these to install, plus I need paste right?

Q2 How do I know if they are adequate, assume there is software that would tell me temp

February 24, 2007 7:26:36 PM

Yould would need thermalpaste i belive these vga cooler come with some but i prefer to use Ceramique by arctic silver. Some pepole would disagree and rather use Arctic Silver 5 But the prob is Arctic Silver 5 Will give you the better thermal tranfer but its highly conductive and if you spill some on the card or motherboard you will toast it.

So my sugestion will be stick to the Ceramique thermal paste its the best non conductive on your cpu as5 all the way.

As far as temp reading usually if you right click on your window screen you can go into your video card and read the temps right from there thats how i do it im sure there is other ways but this is the easiest and free way.

and the fanless cooler is more but look at all the options you have it's made to run fanless and you can add a bigger fan if you want and bigger fan means more airflow and quieter i recomend a 92mm silenx fan mine is really quiet and has tons of flow and its a 14 dba

also the thermalright is copper as well but nickle plated that means no corrosion

check with thermalright and make sure your vga card is compatible i belive they just cam out with a six hole adaptor kit to fit more cards.
February 26, 2007 12:47:38 AM

be very careful with a fanless card - unless your case is very well vented, it will cook
February 26, 2007 3:20:25 PM

The HR-03 will run a 7600GT fanless with great ease. Even with sub-par ventilation.
February 27, 2007 12:45:22 AM

The hr-03 vga cooler with heatpipes does a good job with a decently cooled case.

Typical case with a front intake fan and an exhaust fan it does not even have to have super power full fans and the hr-03 allows an 80mm or a 92 mm fan.

So if at any time you need to add a fan on the cooler cause you feel it's runnig hot you just add a 92mm quiet fan

this fan is noiseless it does not push tons of cfm but with heatpipe all you need is a little bit of flow to get that heat off.

This is the best vga cooler available on the market it beats all others including stock coolers and no other cooler on the market has the huge 92mm fan option the bigger the fan the more cfm so you don't need to get a loud fan a silent 92mm is sufficient.

and as far as fanless vga card from the manufacture they are desighned to run fanless so if companise like asus and abit come out with them its cause they have been tested and they work well up grading to a hr-03 thermalright vga cooler is always a good idea but asus , abit etc. is not going to put out a product that will give them a prob.

Now if you were talking about a fanless 7900 or 8800 series maybe then theese card are much more high performance compared to a 7600 and requier better cooling.

In the future we will see higher performance cards at lower temps therfore having the posibility of going fanless.

Just like alot of the new cpu run cooler than the old prescotts or amd Socket 754's

so the only real reason to upgrade to a aftermarket cooler is to get a more quiet cooler or perhaps better temps there will always be those who like the high performance , overclocking, or just simply feel better that there pc thats on all the time is running nice and cool and quiet with a nice 120mm fan rather than a 70mm fan
November 25, 2008 10:13:14 PM

i run internet cafe in virginia. have 100 computers running.
all my system has evga 7600 gt in it. its been about year and half and now, more then 50 video card has blown capacitator. is it my system thats causing this or did i just pick the bad model from evga. by the way, card is still under warrenty,(2 yrs) but i see that evga hastaken off this perticular model off of their RMA model list.

-Asus m2n
-AM2 3800
-eVGA 7600 GT
-case with 1 rear fan
March 12, 2009 10:10:11 PM

Thermalrite website says this cooler is not compatible with 7600gt AGP card. Has anyone actually installed it on a evga 7600gt AGP model?