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Hi All:

I am new at this. I have a Linksys WRT54GS wireless router with newly purchased longer antennas. I have high speed cable internet service. The router is located in the basement. I still have problems with the signal with my laptop when I am in the second floor bedroom. I hear about multiple access points. What is it and will it solve the signal problem. If it can solve the problem can someone tell me how to wire it up in plain english

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  1. It can help tremendously if you can run an ethernet cable from your basement to, say, the second floor somewhere.

    All you do is:

    1) Buy a wireless access point (a router that can act as an access point will generally be cheaper)

    2) Run cat5e cable from your basement router to the location of your access point

    3) Follow the setup instructions for the access point. If you are using a router as an access point, you may need manually set it up rather than use any setup wizard or such that comes with it, depending on how well documented it is.

    4) Make sure you set the router in the basement and the access point to non-interfering channels. 1, 6, and 11 are non-interfering. Do a site scan and try to not use any channel that you can get a strong signal on from a neighbor or whatever. You can use the same or a different SSID.

    5) Connect the cable into the appropriate port on your access point. If you bought a router to use as an access point, this will probably be the WAN port, but check the documentation.

    6) Connect the cable into one of the LAN ports on your router in the basement.
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