make me a computer in 1467.93 US dollars

Hi guys

I want to buy computer components for about 1450 dollar's :D

I need a Video card a mother board , processor ram and a Psu

I already have a sound card (xfi) optical drives etc

whats is the best i can get for that much, i mainly use the computer for gaming etc

I basically don't game higher than 1600 x1200 max , as my monitor is 17 inches .

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  1. Hi just to help out i had the following components in mind :

    e6300/6600 would it be worth it to spend the extra money from a e6300 to a 6600

    Memory i was looking at ddr2 800 mhz -Corsair , Gskill

    Video card - 8800 series GTS/640/320 which one i cant understand or should i go all the way and get a 8800 gtx

    Mother board Asus / Evga 680i chipset i cant really decide if i need this as i am not a heavy overclocker, but i wouldnt mind giving it a go .

  2. hello 45 views :roll:
  3. No I wouldn't get the evga 680i with that budget. Get the E6600, 2 gigs of that Gskill and a decent Gigabyte or Asus mobo. As for the graphics card, at that resolution probably a 8800 GTS is what you should get that you can afford.
  4. I am no expert by any stretch of the imagination but here is my 2 cents.

    I would go with an E6600 just because it is a good mid range cpu that you can still overclock pretty well, that is if you plan on over clocking. I would go with 2 gigs of 800 mhz ram, ask around for a good brand, or in general any good name brand set should do, again you can go for the more expensive if you plan on overclocking. One thing though I do belive that at stock settings with the E6600 the ram will only be running at 533 mhz so if you want to save some cash you could drop down to that from the 800, the 800 would be better though as you have more overclocking headroom. The 680i chipset from what I have read is supposed to be pretty good there are a few motherboard threads open if you want to check out what people have to say about the different chipsets and their pros and cons.

    Since you are gaming at less than 1600x1200 you would probably be fine with the gts 640mb version since that should give you pretty good performance in most games, you could bump up to the gtx version if you want to spend the extra money but IMO while you would get better performance, some of the reviews I have read say you really need a top of the line X6800 to really get all you can out of the GTX at higher res I think that applies to the 1600x1200 res range. (At lower resolutions I don't know the exact cut off but I think it is around 1024x768 {I know alot of people don't game at that low res but with a 17" monitor that is pretty average at least on my CRT} games are mostly CPU bound) Although I think there are quite a few people who have gotten the E6600 up to X6800 clock speeds but since the multiplier is locked upwards on the E6600 you would probably need to invest in some good quality ram, an after market CPU cooler and a good overclocking chipset.

    The standard disclaimer applies that all ram chips and cpus are different and some do not overclock as well as others. As far as a PSU goes if I was you I would get the best quality (again check what others say as far as brand quality goes, I have heard PC P&C and corsair are supposed to be pretty good I however have no first hand experience with either) and the highest wattage you can afford that way you have headroom in the future to add another vid card, HDDs etc.

    I would think most people would probally advise you on a pretty similar route save for specific brands and you should be pretty happy until you can upgrade again, and upgrades on the CPU and RAM would be mostly just drop in when better stuff drops in price.
  5. The Evga 680i chipset is the nuts. I would say get that, update to the latest bios and certainly have a go to over clock, the board is made for OC'ing.

    Chip wise 6600 or 6700 is fine. For value for money go with the 6600 and OC it. However I would lean on spending a little more on the 6700 OC'ing it and have dam near 6800 speeds with out paying over the odds for it. Choice is yours on that one.

    Ram - One thing about have the 680i board is the RAM can be overclocked seperately to different clock speeds from the main system. And the 680i contains set profiles for certain types of Ram for an extra little bonus performance.

    OCZ 2GB (2x1GB) DDR2 1066MHz/PC2-8500 (OCZ2N1066SR2GK) Dual Channel SLI Ready Edition would fit awfully well with the 680i mobo.

    GFX - Market is lopsided towards nvidia at the moment as they run out the clear winners on performance until ATI's next offering at least. 8800GTS or the 8800GTX. Again you could OC the GTS for near GTX speeds or spend the extra for the best GFX out there at the moment. Might want to read a few reviews, but either card will own all games out at the moment and the ones shortly to be released.

    Hope I helped. Good luck with your machine.
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