Help for low profile HDTV card, How is VBox Cats Eye?

Hi all,

I am building a HTPC. The case only support low profile extension card. I have PCI / PCIE 1x / PCIE 16x available. The motherboard has integrated graphics, so I am planning to get a HDTV tuner.

1) Do you have suggestion for a low profile HDTV tuner?

2) Also, does WinTV-HVR-950 make sense? Anyone has experience with it? How is the quality? Personally, I don't like it since it would stickout at the back of my HTPC case. But if this is the only product, I may not have another choice.

thanks for you help!
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  1. Take a look at these, a couple are fairly low-profile. Also, some companies have accessory, low-profile brackets that you can change out.
  2. Thanks!
    I was looking into:

    VBox Cats Eye 150 HDTV as well.

    Does anyone has experience with this product?
    Also, how do I tell if it supports 1080p or it is assumed that all HDTV card would support it?

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