Linksys WGA54G Game Adapter / Bridge - Device is garbage??

I bought this WGA54G wireless game adapter to use as a wireless bridge. My Cable modem sits downstairs in the living room, and is a connected to a Linksys WRT54G v3 w/ Alchemy firmware.

I have most of my computers in my upstairs office, so connectivity to the gateway downstairs is a problem.

So I got the WGA54G and configured it, and plugged it into my switch upstairs so all my upstairs systems would be on the net.

Well it actually works... but not that well. Speeds are great, but if I'm downloading anything over 15K/sec from one system, DNS resolves and other requests from any other system grind to a halt.

I read the forums before I purchased this, and it is supposed to be identical to the WET54G.

Am I missing something? Is there a reason why I can't use the WGA54G into a switch to allow multiple computers to use simultaneously? Or is it that the WGA54G just sucks as a wireless bridge? Would ordering a WET54G be any different?

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  1. I was looking for another solution. So I bought the Netgear HDX101 HD 200Mbps PowerLine adapters.

    These units work great, and allow all computers updstairs to access the net simultaneously without incident. However, between 7pm and 10pm (higher usage on the powerlines?) it is garbage. More garbage than the WGA54G.

    My next solution is going to be to another WRT54G with the Alchemy firmware, and run the routers in WDS (Wireless Distribution System). Maybe the third try will be a charm...

    Also, I have another question. If the powerline adapter is plugged into the swtich and so is the Bridge, will they both be used to "bridge" my upstairs network to the downstairs network? What if you plug in multiple wireless bridges? Will they all be utilized?

    Basically I'm asking what if you use both PowerLine adapters, and a wireless bridge to connect to segregated LANs? What would the effects be?
  2. Client-Mode Wireless bridge used by the wga54g does not work well with more than 1 unit attached to it by design.

    Try using WDS enabled hardware
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