After uninstalling drivers for old vid card, USB ports...

Do not work. Basically, what happend was I ordered a 7600gs for a fairly old gateway, in an attempt to squeeze the last bit of life out of it before I built my new comp. I uninstalled old card's drivers, put new card in and mouse and keyboard wouldn't work. The PSU I have in the system was lacking, by a lot, in Wattage for the new card. It was dumb to try and get the card to work with that PSU. What I am thinking happend was, if this makes any sense, that the computer shut down all unneccersart functions to run in order to supply power to the new card. Would a new PSU allow the card to run, I sort of need this comp good to go, as I want/need to get back to my precious online games. Thankyou in advance for your help.
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  1. 1) wrong forum. I know it says "Support/Hotlines" but if you check the sticky it says here is where you report on your experiences with support/hotlines. :)

    2) Based on what you said (which leaves out quite a bit of detail - like what the old PC is ('fairly old gateway' isn't very informative), the wattage and brand of the old PSU, etc.) yes, it is likely a new, quality, PSU will power the system. With more information on the system (CPU/RAM/HDDs/CD/DVD/etc.) one could possibly even make

    However, there were 4 revisions of AGP, and (1x, 2x, 4x & 8x) and if your old gateway has a 1x, it'll never work. If its a 4x, it might (you'll have to check compatibility of the card vs the AGP on the mobo)

    And one other bit: If the problem is that the new card needs too much power, what PSUs do to accomodate excess power draw is either 1) go up in smoke (and sometimes you get fireworks); or 2) drop voltages to everything so that things stop working because voltages are too low.

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