maximum ampere on each yellow +12v wire

what is the maximum amps each +12v wire can carry?
my thermaltake 750watt psu has 60amps on +12v. the psu has total 14 yellow +12v wire coming out of it.

4 on eps +12v
3 on each 6 pin pci-x
1 on each sata cable
1 on each 4pin molex

now this 14 pins must carry 60 amps. so each should carry at least 60/14 = 4.28 amps or more.
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  1. i am trying to break it down by wire bcoz of the new 8 pin pci-x.
    a 240 watt graphics card has one 8 pin pci-x connector. so it has four +12v wire each carrying 60 watt or 5 amps.
    now when i use my 6pin pci-x psu with 8 pin gfx card with an adapter, i have to give power from a molex connector or sata connector which have only one +12v wire and have other loads.
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