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Hey all,

I've been trying to find a particular Y VGA cable but I'm beginning to think that it might not exist. What I have is two computers that I want to share 1 monitor but I don't want to have to unplug and replug the monitor cable every time I switch the rig I'm using. Is there a cable that will allow me to connect two computers to one monitor (perhaps with a switch to flick between one computer to the other)? I know that the reverse cable exists, but haven't seen one that fits what I need.

Just wondering. Thanks :)
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  1. sure, most KVM switches will do exactly as you want. and will give you keyboard and mouse being switched as well.

    we use 'em all the time here in the shop where I work.
  2. Look here: D-Link KVM Switch

    I use a D-Link 4 port all the time -- works GREAT !!!!
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