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Hi I'm new to scsi but due to the low prices on ebay for ultra3 stuff I thought I'd try to give my legacy system a little zip. My question is I have two 9.1GB scsi drives (10K 68-pin u160) paired to a adaptec 39160 in a 32 bit pci slot. Will setting them to a software based raid 0 (I run linux currently suse 10.2) yield any extra performance gain? I'm willing to bet that my pci bus is already miles beyond saturation but would I see and improvement in access times anyway? Also if you note my cpu would the extra load of a software based raid 0 counteract any performance gain?

My (old but still kicking) hobby/home server system

AMD athalon 1000/100
640MB pc133 ram
radeon 9200
3 ide (ata100) HDD's paired with an adaptec pci contoller (non raid)
2 scsi (10K u160) paired with an adaptec 39160 pci contorller (non raid)

Anyone want to sound off?
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  1. Those 9.1GB drives will be insanely slow either way, and with next to no capacity there really isn't any use for them.
  2. I have 1TB of pata storage, I'm only using the scsi drives for my OS, home and swap file and as "insanely" slow as they are they still outperform an ide drive on my old clunker(i can't get real data transfer rates above 10MB/s with pata HDDs). I don't use this old rig for much more than a file server and an email checker (which it already works fine for) but I still like to play with it to see just how fast I can get it.
  3. If it's only for boot on a fileserver you'll be fine, but then there'd be no use for the RAID-0.
  4. OK
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