R600 benches, questionable reliability

Simply googled X2800 and eventually strolled along this site: Link It's all in Russian but there's plenty of understandable digits there to understand what's important. I'm not sure these numbers are reliable but i'm not sure whether or not anyone has seen this site or even translated it for that matter to see if it's just a copy of that lame Level505 place.

If it's a lame site, my apologies.
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  1. Its been along time since I studied Russian, but lets say the site is very questionable and probably not worth the space its taking up. Beyond that, if the card was performing that well, I'd think that AMD/ATI would have released it and started getting some cash flowing in, instead of delaying the release.
  2. Although the card specs look accurate those 3DMark numbers are inflated. 15000 in 3Dmark 06? Even with the Q6700 they're using that's too high. I'd guess-timate a single X2800 XTX will get around a score of 13000 - 13500 on that same test bed.
  3. While I dont speak russian i would think but the numbers look pretty close to the link down under. Id gather that one site bit of the other here. At anyrate I wouldnt put much stock in either considering what cpu they tested with then got a quad to a supposed 5.3 ghz????
  4. I also wouldnt worry now that its been pused back who knows what well be seeing.
  5. I do speak russian fluently, and I must say this is rather fishy. The first table with the 3Dmark 03 and 05 scores refers to VR-Zone and a test they did using an FX-55. The second table that has 3Dmark06 scores with a quad core at 5.3 ghz refers to the site that trenchdog posted. This article simply looks like a copy and paste collaboration of several other supposed benches that have surfaced on the net lately.
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