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I recently built a new PC, and when I first started the PC, I had my new WD 1TB HDD in and my WD 320GB with Windows Vista installed in as well. Upon reboot, I was able to select either Windows 7 or Windows Vista. I selected Windows 7 and promptly began transferring files from my old HDD to my new one. Once I was finished transferring the files, I turned off my PC, removed my old WD 320GB and rebooted. I successfully pass post with 1 beep, however shortly after I am prompted with the message "Please reboot and select proper boot device".

I am booting with my WD 1TB HDD as the top priority, but I was still unable to successfully load Windows 7. It's only when I re-install my old HDD that I am able to successfully boot, which leads me to believe that the boot loader being used is the old Windows Vista one. I looked at BCDEdit and read over some of the commands, but to be quite honest I didn't feel comfortable making any decision which could possibly be devastating.

Any help in regards to this matter is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. I used BCDEdit when I set up my wife's and I dual boot with XP and Win7.

    As I understand it you need to possibly make a new boot.ini file and have it on the 1TB, and change the boot.ini file so that the lines point to the new new. Boot.ini probably looked like this to start. (loosely. It actually looks a lot different.)

    Disk(0) Partition (0) otherstuffIcan'tremember "Old OS"
    Disk(1) Partition (0) otherstuffIcan'tremember "New OS"

    Probably is when you remove that old drive, Disk (0) disappears. Disk 1 becomes Disk zero, but the boot.ini file points to the wrong disk. BCDEdit should fix this. If you don't feel comfortable, find someone who is?
  2. Raw-berry

    The problem is almost certainly due to having the old drive in the system when you installed the new OS. The BIOS passes control to the MBR / boot loader on the bootable drive. When you installed 7 on top of Vista, it updated the MBR on the Vista drive, since that was recognized as the bootable drive, and it gave you a boot menu.

    So your boot sequence is to get the boot loader from the old drive, and you can't boot without it.

    Easy fix, though. Make sure that only the new drive is installed, put the Win7 DVD in the drive, and select a Repair install. It will examine the drive, find that there is no boot loader, and make one. Right now, the new drive is not bootable.

    Let us know how it goes.
  3. Excellent, thanks for the advice! I'm on vacation at the moment but I will be sure to try this as soon as I return home and am able to access my desktop. I will definitely let you know how it goes. Thanks again!

  4. Hello, sorry for my late response, but I only just now got around to giving this a try.

    When I started the computer with only the Windows 7 drive and the Windows 7 disc in the DVD Drive, the regular "Install Windows 7" menu appeared. Of course an attempt at installing Windows 7 failed. Unfortunately, so did running the Windows repair tool. I ran the option to fix issues with Windows 7 startup, and a look at the report from the attempted repair reads a few successful tests and then
    [cpp]Root Cause Found
    The Partition table does not have a valid system partition

    Repair Action: Partition Table Repair
    Result: Successfully repaired. Error Code = 0x0
    Time Taken: 3464ms[/cpp]

    Once the repair finished, I clicked "finish" and my PC restarted, only to be brought back to the Windows 7 Install screen. I restarted a few more times, being sure that my HDD was booting first, yet I was met with the same result. So I then removed the Windows 7 Install disc, and restarted again, only to be met with "Please reboot and select proper boot device".

    Once again, sorry for taking so long to get back to you, hopefully this is enough to further identify the problem and solve it. Let me know if anything else is needed!

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