Vista Driver performance claims?

So I've read a few places that ATI claim the 7.2 vista drivers will deliver equal performance compared to XP and im some situations better.

Anybody have any hard evidence or tried and able to comfirm/deny?
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  1. I found it to be slightly worse in Vista with World of Warcraft and equal in performance with Command & Conquer 3. Though I need to run actuall tests to get serious results.
  2. Well all I can say is I hope Vista drivers improve im getting 5200Marks in 3dMark06 with this rig (see sig) way to low tbh.
  3. its a well known fact that 3DMark and Vista don't play nice with each other, so its not a good way to evaluate your system, best thing to do is try again with same setup, on XP and Vista

    I can say that there claims are almost 100% true. Some gams/apps i ran we're better in Vista and worse in XP, while others sucked in Vista and rocked in XP, and there were a few that i saw no advantage
  4. I've yet to see Vista beat XP in any of the game benchmarks I've ran. there are some very close numbers, within 10 fps, but doom3 benchmarks are about 20-25 slower. This is under both Vista32 and Vista64. Doom3 actully took a step back for me, with the 7.2 drivers, So I went back to 7.1

    Overall, the performance is close enough for me, that it doesn't really matter. I mean, is it really important that Xp gets 141 in FEAR and vista gets 130 ?

    With 3Dmark06, I got within 80 points of my best XP score.
    6091 vs 6028 but that was with both running the 7.1 drivers.

    I still contend if Vista runs better than XP, then the XP install as something wrong with it. I, myself, had just formatted and re-installed XP, about 2 weeks before I installed Vista, so in my case, I'm running a clean config on both OSes (I triple boot between XP, Vista32, and Vista64).

    I still get more BSODs under Vista than XP (where I get zero) Forgetting the BSODs, I don't care much for Vista, I think I pretty much well hate every new thing they added.

    What are you looking for in terms of Hard evidence ?

    3Dmark06 scores ? XP and Vista
  5. I dont remember them saying it would be better than XP... But it is considerably better than Catalyst 7.1 Drivers in vista. I actually saw considerable FPS gains in Lord Of The Rings Online and Battlefield 2 (+20-30 FPS)
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