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I have recently been having boot up issues. The computer has been built and up and running solid for a few months now. Recently however I have noticed that when i first hit the power button to fire it on, all the fans spin up PWR light comes on and HD also comes on but does not flicker or blink at all and i get NO video output. It is really weird because the computer has been running rock solid and there has been NO changes to it within the last week or so none internal or software wise. I have done troubleshooting as in checking the memory and such. My case does not have a speaker built in so i am kind of screw on hearing if it is doing any kind of beeping or not. But this is the weird thing to me that makes me think MB. If i hit the power switch on the back of my PSU and let it power down and then turn the power back on to it the computer will turn right on no problems. And when it does turn on it runs like a dream benchmarks are the same no changes to maybe show hardware not functioning right. All games/apps/software are all running just fine. PLZ any thoughts or ideas would be great like i said this computer has only been up and running for about less then 4 months total. I would not see what else it would be that would be stopping it from posting at all. And why i say it is not posting before people start jumping me and saying "How do you know it is not posting since you don't have a speaker" Well the only reason i don't think it is, is because the HD light NEVER flickers or changes like it normally does right after post and into booting of windows. And this computer has never been OCed longer then 30mins just for giggles to busy in life to worry about OCing for now. Any help guys would be great and i do apologize if this is in the wrong place.
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  1. Your power supply is starting to go bad. That's why you have to kill the power and then restore it.
    Here are some links for you.

    Top Tier PSU:

    Exhaustive PSU review:

    Silent PSUs

    how much is too much?
  2. Thanks for the reply but it is NOT the Power Supply i checked it with my PSU tester which is
    And then also took it to a local computer shop where they also tested it and it checked out perfect. I have the PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750 so i know i am good with the power requirements of my system with it. Thank you for the links though. Now i am not sure what the machine they tested it with was called but he said it checks everything on them it is a very extensive test.

  3. Do you have the power connected to the video cards?
    Please check all your power connections.
  4. Yes we checked both PCI-E plugs and all Sata and 4 pin molex plugs were all tested.
  5. I'm having the same exact problem with an old motherboard, but mine hardly ever boots. Every once in a great while it will boot just fine and no problems are found. Any help on this would be great. Thanks.
  6. Well my problem seems to be fixed i took apart the whole computer and COMPLETELY rebuilt it. I found one lose MB standoff. I don't think that was quite the whole problem but, since then it has fired right up every time for me.
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