Anyone else still running an NF7-S v2? Upgrading memory?

So I have a system with the NF7-S v2 and a Barton 2500+ that I put together back in 2003. It is still a great system for me. Lots of web surfing, DVD burning, documents and problems! I want to keep this system running for another 1-2 yrs.

However I just ran into a game that is causing me problems. I am not a "gamer" in general but recently picked up Caesar 4. My system meets the minimum specs, but not much more than that. I can get it to play, but the graphics are a bit lagging and it is a bit slow. I hit a site for the game and have settings tweaked as much as possible. Game is playable but surely not the best it can be.

So, I want to upgrade video card and memory.

I am currently running 2x256 PC2700 in dual channel mode. I am trying to decide whether to just buy 1 more stick...say a 512 pc2700...which would give me 1gb total. OR ditch my existing alltogether and buy either 2x512 or 2x1gb pc3200.

I have no plans to go to Vista anytime soon, so I will remain on Windows XP.

Any comments or suggestions for this board? Anything I need to be aware of? I do not overclock and am running stock BIOS.
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  1. 2x1GB is going to be the prefered, but it may be overkill if you have been running fine on 512. I'm not sure if you can on that MB but you may be able to buy 1 512, and put it in channel 1 and both of your 256's in channel 2 (or vise versa) and have 1GB dual channel. You may want to check Abit's forums to see if that memory configuration will work, some MB/chipsets are picky when the channels don't match exact. If it will acccept adding a 512 make sure you buy one with the same latencies as what you already have. As far as PC2700(333)or 3200(400) you want to run the same as your CPU, which should be 333 for that Barton if I remember correctly. Now if DDR400 is the same price or cheaper than DDR333 by all means get it, you can always underclock it.
  2. Thanks Rook. It is my understanding that putting the 256's in one channel and a 512 in the other is exactly what I can do. Unfortunately the ABIT forums have been down the last few days so I can't go pop in.

    So far, DDR400 and DDR333 have been running the same price. I've mostly been looking at NewEgg and I can get a 512 DDR333 stick for around $48.

    Or I can get a 2x512 kit of DDR400 for $80-90. I'm considering picking up the DDR 400 in the event that I decide to overclock my Barton.

    My existing memory is Corsair XMS256A-2700C2 with 2.5-3-3-7 timing.
  3. Kind of a late reply, but, I have that board and I have run 5 different pairs of memory sticks in it (some bought in pairs, some not) and it took them all without a hitch. PM me for any other questions about that board, I've beat the crap outta mine - 2 different cpu's, tons of different vid cards, several hard drive configurations.
  4. Thanks for the response...late is OK!

    I actually just ordered some memory and a video card from Newegg last night...should be here Friday it looks like. I picked a 2x512 kit of Mushkin for $85 (100-15 MIR) and I went with a Sapphire Radeon X1650PRO (120-20 MIR).

    So when it all gets here I plan to do some minor surgery...I haven't cleaned it in a while so I'm going to pretty much take everything out...blast it with compressed air. Remove the cpu hs/f and remove dust and then replace it with some new thermal paste. Then re-assemble with the new ram and video.

    As long as it proves stable then I'll look at starting to OC it. :wink:
  5. I have the NF7-S32 And if I remember correctly you have to have the kits with equal size memory modules if you want dual channel enabled. If you put an off size module in your dual channel won't work, degraging performance. and the same will happen if you put a module in the third slot. Its been a while since I checked the manual so I'll check it to make sure I'm not giving you FUD. :)
  6. :D Let me know how it goes. I'm thinking of adding some memory, but not too expensive as it soon will not be my primary computer.
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