8800GTS and CRT Monitors??

I don’t know much about these :oops: , so I’m asking the experts that would be you guys. 8)

If I plug my CRT monitor into the DVI port of the 8800GTS by using an adapter, will it damage my Graphics card? Will I miss any eye candy because of it? What is the benefit of using a LCD monitor (average/not the huge expensive one) rather than CRT monitor (average) with the graphics card? :?:

(I don’t want to buy a LCD if it works fine with the CRT with an adapter, I would rather buy an extra 1 GB ram with the extra money. :) )

Thanks in advance. :D (I’ll be back after few hours, please give some solutions, thanks.)
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  1. The DVI port is useful when you have an LCD with a DVI input and you can connect to the graphics card digitally. There is a drop in quality when you connect through an analog port. However, the average CRT is analog to begin with so there should be no difference between connecting it through an analog connector directly or through a DVI+adapter. You wouldn't damage your card and you can have all the eye candy you want with the 8800GTS, depending on the resolution you choose of course.
  2. Thanks for getting me out of this problem and for your replies. Thanks guys. :D :D
  3. np
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