What video card should I buy?

I have about 60 dolars to spend on a video card, what should I buy? :?:

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  1. right now I have onboard video , the x3000 intel, (gigabyte DS3 965G)

    and I dont have right now those 60 dolars , I have just 25 dolars, so I will buy something when I'll have 60 or 70 bucks.

    but I want to know what should I buy when I have the money.
  2. ok, but there are many models from many manufacturers, which one should I choose?

    and how about the radeon X1300, how does this one compares with the 7300gs? somebody told me that ati is better than nvidia. What do you think?
  3. well, if you say the x1300 is better than the 7300gs , I'll go for the x1300.

    I saw that the majority, of the have 256 ddr2 onboard
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