is Xi-FI much better than Audigy 2ZS is worth the change?

is the change in sound noticeable on this 2 cards?
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  1. X-Fi is a little bit better, but if you are asking if it's worth it to upgrade your audigy 2 ZS, the answer is simple... NO unless you have money to spend.
  2. If you're using Vista then go with the Xi-FI, as Audigy 2 ZS lacks any decent driver support for Vista.
  3. i was planning on getting an audigy 2 ZS. now i cant find one, i guess it's been discontinued
  4. although its no audigy 2 zs, heres an x-fi for $59.99 at

    the price is about the same amount you could get an audigy 2 zs for anyhow
  5. Quote:
    is the change in sound noticeable on this 2 cards?

    Yes... If you're the sort of person wh thinks nothing of spending $20k on studio monitors.

    Now about that Mackie HRS 7.1 setup...

    Otherwise, no.

    I would honestly be more concerned about the CPU overheads of each card. I have an Audigy Platinum and it's a hog.
  6. I don't have the money anyways. But thanks for the link, choirbass.
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