overclocking failure?

hi, i have clocked my old pentium4 2.4ghz with my p4p800 to 2.6ghz day and night for about 2 month, but recently it started to make a lot of noise so, i kinda bruise it and it went down from this time on. When i start my computer i still can hear it searching for the drive but it cant display the asus logo, is my motherboard dead? can it be revive? does this happen frequently?

I have an another question, i bought a new computer after this with a p5b deluxe crossfire edition, can i put safety a sli configuration with this?
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  1. What was making the noise. Maybe one of your case fans died. When you start the pc, it doesnt show anything on the screen?? Try leaving only the essential components on the pc and start it and see if it works. It might be a psu problem, gfx problem or even ram problem. If these is not the case then the mobo is dead. If you leave the pc on does it do any beeps???

    You have bought a crossfire mobo. That means that you can put two identical ATI cards to work as crossfire. Sli is for nvidia gfx cards.
  2. no the graphic card fans was making noise, i know ati x850 is known to do that, but i didnt know it was able to bring down the mobo
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