Is there a list of the DirectX 10 Vid Cards sub $200 coming

out I think in march?
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  1. The 8600 series are set to debut below $200, so that's probably what you'll be looking for.
  2. do you know if there are already specs for them? for example how would one of those compare to an Ati Radeon X1950pro???
  3. Not sure of the specs, but google it and you might find something.

    It's hard to say how fast the 8600 Ultra (the fastest 8600) will be without any benchmarks, but based on pure speculation it's rumored to be about as fast as an X1950Pro.

  4. Numbers look good - but like Sealboy said. Speculation has been within the X1950 range.
  5. Quote:
    out I think in march?

    Yeah, probably March. Look here.
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