Quiet Performance cpu heatsink

In Search of the highest performance cpu heatsink thinking about Noctua and other sugestions.

also i want it to be quiet
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  1. Thanks mpilchfamily,

    Im new
  2. Thanks mpilchfamily,

    I appriciate the compliment

    Ineed tow ask you two things one how can i get my own picture like everyone ealse.

    Also Noctua is the best i can find some pepole say Tuniqe tower but i dont like having a fan sanwitched in like that it will cause noise do you know of a better quiet performance cpu cooler other than Noctua or thermalright ultra 120

    i dont mind going exotic i got a verax from germany but the performance was not there ive been reading up on zero therm but they use the buried frane fans like zalman and i those fans have issues in the long run.

    any advice i would appriciate
  3. i remeber the 3 d gigabyte cooler with the blue lights and the fan controller the blower type exhaust fan was not verry efficient and noisy

    funny i had one too

    i dont overclock but i still like using good coolers its like a madness im so picky i always want the best of all components
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