Quiet CPU Heatsink

In Search of the highest performance cpu heatsink thinking about Noctua and other sugestions.

also i want it to be quiet
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  1. Tuniq Tower 120 with a couple low noise fans, mabye these.
  2. apt403,

    Do you have a link to any review with the Tuniq Tower beating the Noctua from what ive heard the most pepole seem to think the Noctua is the top dog right now.

    Also don't you think the fan sandwitched in like that may cause some rebounding air flow noise also it limits you to 25mm thick fans however i have heard Tunique is a really good performance cooler.

    here is a link posted with the noctua beating the zalman and the ninja


    Im wondering how the Noctua does against the Tuniq Tower
  3. The Tuniq Tower 120 is hailed as the best air cooler on the market right now. I cant find any benchs right now, but ask anybody on THG or Xtremesystems.
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