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I'm going to replace the HD in my Dell XPS Gen2 and I'd like to salvage the old drive by using an enclosure. The connection is ATA-6, but I'm not sure exactly what kind of enclosure to get. I looked around newegg and found this one, will it work? Thanks for any help.
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  1. I like to use the Newegg search panel on the left. After I'm in the category (something like enclosures 3.5 (yours is a 3.5 inch HD), and search for ATA). You look at the entire list of ATA 3.5 enclosures, then use the sort by function at the top of the list to sort by popularity or rating or price, etc. You just pick a popular one and/or with a good user rating (4 star average or better), etc., etc.
  2. Here is a link to my original hard drive. Is it not a 2.5" disk?

    I forgot to mention that I'm talking about an Inspiron laptop here.
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