Tuniq 120, Asus Striker and Antec 900?

Hi, I already got the Asus Striker Extreme and the Antec 900, and im looking at buying a cooler to go with my E6600. The Tuniq Tower get a lot of great reviews, so im considering it instead of the Zalman 9700. I'm not sure if it can fit well in the Antec 900 and with an Asus Striker Extreme

Just curious if some people have the Tuniq, Striker Extreme and the Antec 900, and how the installation was, pictures, feedback and if the cooling pipes were a problem.

I'm also curious if with that cooler and the striker, you will be able to have it push the air out of the case (the back fan) or you dont have choice and need a different orientation.

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  1. Yes it will. I have the same board and same case but board is installed in TT Kandalf... also dont have the tuniq tower 120.

    This guy has that setup. Just with P5N32-E SLI 680i. The P5N32-E SLI 680i and Asus Striker Extreme motherboard is nearly the same.

  2. Thanks for the link. Now i know it fit in the case, and it should fit on the Striker.
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