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I posted this in the hardware forum for WinXP but it looks like pretty much no one goes there so I'm trying it here. I've got a sonic impact MP3 player. It's actually a usb flash drive though because you can put data on it as well. Anyway I'm using a Gateway box of which I have 2 identical machines. This machine will not see the drive. I plug it into a usb slot and I get the chime from windows that it's there and then in a second it's gone. The other machine reads it fine. So I figured that perhaps something was corrupt so when I took control of this machine back from my wife I rebuilt the drive and thought that might fix it. It didn't. I did a clean install of XP pro and didn't use the gateway crap disc. Downloaded and installed all drivers. Everything works great except this damn mp3 player. I've got another box I built myself that my daughter uses and it can read it too. Frustrating. All ideas are appreciated.
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  1. Sounds like you have a piece of hardware failing on the system. More than likely its the usb port you are trying to plug into. The fact that it makes the noise and then goes away seems to support this idea.

    Try plugging it in, then go into the device manager and see if the drive is being recognized, but not being identified properly. Also like qwertycopter said, you may want to try one of the other ports on the computer.

    Thats all I got with the information you have here...
  2. If your willing to open up the box, you might want to make sure the USB cable to the motherboard from the front panel is seated properly. I doubt this is the problem, but the front ports may not be USB 2.0 and your device may require 2.0.... but that only seems to be the case with external hard drives... Also, like the other two guys said, try the back USB ports. They are oh most guaranteed to be USB 2.0 and connected properly to the motherboard. Good luck and I hope you solve your problem!
  3. USB's like to take the next drive letter after your CD-Roms, in Windows XP. If this is the case try opening Adim tools > Computer Management > Disk Maangement. If your devise is working properly, you'll see it occupying one of your drive's letter's (normal E,F,or G). You can normally tell by the size of your USB occupying the last drive letter being used. Right click on it and change the drive path. Now whenever you plug that USB in, it will alway's take the drive letter you assigned.
    Hope this works for you. :)
  4. Rogue77777 that's it! You win the trophy! For some reason it was seeing it but calling it unrecognized media and drive:0 If I'm not mistaken drive 0 is the C drive so it conflicted. I've given it a new drive letter and now it is recognized and I can use it. Thanks!
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