Nvidia PCI Express card With ATI PCI card

Has anyone gotten a PCI Express card to work along side a PCI card in Windows XP?

I have a Chaintek 6600GT, but the digital to analog converter is blown on the second port, so I can only hook one monitor up to it (The other displays in pure pink). I threw in an ATI 9250 PCI card along side it, figuring I could use it for two more monitors, but not for gaming.

If I start my computer with this configuration, I get an error along the lines of "This driver was written for a previous version of windows" and my GeForce 6600 will only display in 320x240 in 4-bit color! The ATI card displays just fine...

I have an Nvidia AGP and Matrox PCI card running side-by-side at work, so I know that different display drivers can work along side each other. Maybe it's a limitation of PCI Express?
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  1. I am inteseting about this.Could you give me more details,please?
    What's your motherboard you are using now?
  2. It's an A-bit AG8, running the Intel 915p chipset.
    Anything else?
  3. long long ago...
    i saw two nvidia cards running at the same time on a server

    but they were pci card
  4. Er...thaxs.
    My mb is ASUS A7V600-X,with a KT600 northbridge.Could it do the same thing(an AGP card and a PCI card working side-by-side)?
  5. I believe its a problem with the fact that ATI and Nvidia drivers just don't like to work alongside each other. There are some sites/threads on the internet that explain how to get them to work together nicely, but I don't know what/where they are. Long ago I was researching a similar (actually reverse) setup, and found that while some people could get it to work, most just had all sorts of problems.

    Its not a hardware limitation, because PCI and PCI-E are on completely separate sets of hardware and in no way conflict with each other. Proper drivers work nicely with each other, but with ATI and Nvidia specifically, there are some conflicts.

    Same thing, only with AGP inserted where PCI-E is above.
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