Ati Crossfire cards using bridges now?

Came across this browsing on Ati, thought it was a interesting find:
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  1. Yes.Maybe since x1650 and x1950 series.
  2. Yes, the ati cards that use the interlink cables are the newer ones and only the ones with the connectors on the tops of the cards, i think it is the x1600 and x1950. I just got two x1950's from Powercolor for a review and was very impressed with the performance of crossfire and the cards. The little interlink cables are easy to install and the whole process works pretty easily.
  3. Well usually I just see that external dongle that looks pretty ridiclious and in the way of sorts.
  4. Not the x1600. Only the newer 80nm chips (1650 and 1950) as mentioned above.
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