network: internet, laptop, printer and TIVO

I have the following:
-Cable internet through Time Warner (modem provided, high-speed with Earthlink)
-Laptop (Wireless ready)
-Printer (Epson R260)
-Router (Linksys 802.11g Wireless Router)
-TIVO (Series 2 box)

FIRST-I want to connect all of these together on a home network and I have no experience with this. The laptop will be wireless for sure. To connect my TIVO to the router I am using a wired Network Adapter. I am not sure if I want my printer to be wired or wireless. But I know that the printer will be sitting on the opposite wall as the modem/router/TIVO, so I would have to purchase a long cable if I choose wired.

SECOND-I want to secure my network from outsiders. But I want to know how to add an additional computer to the network later if I get one.

I want to do this with using money as a constraint. I live in a studio apartment with a loft bed, aka all products are in the same room.

I need detailed instructions on what my buying options are and what my setup options are. Please help.
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  1. You need cat 5e ethernet cable for your wired network.
    You don't say if you have a gigabit router or a 10/100, as well as the other computers.
    A wireless card for your laptop, unless it already has one built in.
    You can connect the printer to your computer, either USB or parallel and share it off of your computer. Or else you can buy a print server and connect it via ethernet or wireless.
    You connect the modem to the WAN port of your router. You connect the computer and TIVO to the LAN ports.
    The router probably has a built in firewall, but don't rely on just that. You should have a firewall on each of your computers also. There are some free ones you can download from the internet.
    After all this you should be left with 2 free LAN ports on the router in case you want to add more computers, etc.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Do I have to have a print server if I dont want to attach my printer to my laptop? Like could I get a USB network adapter to plug into my printer to let it communicate with the network? Or, could I connect my printer to the extra UBS slot on my TIVO?

    I do not have the gigabyte stuff, only 10/100. And the wireless was already in my laptop when i bought it.
  3. The print server is only if you want to go the network way of sharing your printer. I think you should attach the printer to your computer and share it off of your computer. You won't need to buy a print server and configure it. It is much easier to share the printer from your computer.
    I don't know what the USB port on the TIVO is for, but I suggest you go with the previous suggestion.
    I forgot to mention that you should find out what wireless protocol is supported by your laptop and what protocol is supported by your router.
    Example a, b. g or n. g is backwards compatible with b.
  4. Laptop wireless specifications: 802.11b/g
    Router: 802.11g

    Let me get one thing straight...I want my laptop completely wireless, thus, I cannot connect my printer to it. So, the printer will not be able to get connected to a computer. So, now what is my best option?

    Thanks for all of your help so far.
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