Slow DVD writer performance

Can somebody help with this problem?

I have a NEC 3550a DVD writer that is acting up on me. When I want to playback a DVD the movie shows jerky and the sound is horrible (stutters). When I want to burn a DVD it takes an hour plus to burn 4.5 Gb of data.
My system is a Core2Duo E6400 on a MSI 965P Neo M/B, OCZ gold PC6400 DC 1 GB, Samsung 320 GB SATA2 HD, Sapphire X1900 GT GC.

Hardware config displays no problems with this device.

I just flashed from 1.05 firmware to 1.06 with no improvement.
At computer startup both the HD and the NEC DVD writer are properly recognized by the BIOS.

Tried my old LG DVD drive and it has similar problems.
Is this BIOS related?
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  1. I think you are mistaken about the BIOS recognizing your DVD drive. The P965 chips lacks any support for IDE drives. There is a JMircon controller chip that is used for the IDE drives. Therefore your IDE drives will be recognized after the BIOS has loaded.

    If your NEC 3550a is a SATA drive, then it will be recognized by the BIOS.

    Anywaste, if your NEC 3550a is an IDE drive then it is very possible it is operating in PIO mode instead of DMA mode. Verify this using the following steps:

    1. Right Click "My Computer" icon and select "Properties"
    2. Click "Hardware" tab
    3. Click "Device Manager" button
    4. Expand "IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers"
    5. Right click "Primary IDE Channel" and select "Properties"
    6. Click "Advanced Settings" tab
    7. If the Transfer Mode field states "PIO Mode", then try and switch it to "DMA-if available"
    8. Repeat steps 5 thru 7 if you have "Secondary IDE Channel"

    If "DMA-if available" is not an option then you need to install the JMicron drivers from the CD that came with your motherboard. After installation and a reboot repeat the above steps.
  2. I just had DVD write problems with my Samsung. I found the problem to be the ver of sata/raid driver of the JMicron controller. In looking at the ver changes, there was a fix for optical drive write problems in the 1.17.x.x ver. I think I seen where the MSI site has the newer ver available. If not, load the driver from JMicron, I used ver and my problems went away.

    Another symptom I had was the DVD was marked as a SCSI device in the device manager, therefore, no DMA. After new driver installed, came up as IDE with DMA active.
  3. Thx Jaguar,
    It is in DMA mode if available.
    Will try the Jmicron drivers and will let you know.
    Much appreciated.
  4. Just installed the JMB36X controller (SCSI - Hot plugable SATA) and it works like a charm now.
    The standard JMB36X dual channel PCIE IDE controller option didnot work.

    Thanks for the your great advise.

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