RAID-0 or RAID-10

Hi there,

I am willing to buy a new computer mostly used for capturing and editing video..

I am thinking of two options regarding hard drives..

option #1

1 x WD Caviar SE (160GB/8MB Cache) for the OS
2 x WD Caviar SE16(250GB/16MB Cache) in RAID-0 for processing video files.
1 x WD Caviar SE16 (500GB/16MB Cache) for backup and archive.

option #2

4 x WD Caviar SE16 (250GB/16MB Cache) in RAID-10

which option is better in terms of performance and reliability? is there any significant difference between the two configurations

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  1. I recommend option 1. You may want to consider RAID 5 too.
  2. I agree. RAID 10 is prone to array degradation. Seriously check out RAID 5 though. It offers the best of most of the raid world.
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