Is Fiber optic better then Comcast 8mb?

i recently updated my network to 8mb comcast cable internet but for some reason i dont see much of a diference between 8mb and 6mb !!! i am kinda getting fed up with comcast and i was wondering wat is fiber optic? Is it considered T3 and is it better?

also comcast supposedly says they are comming out with a 16 mb upgrade in a few months and i was wondering how good t hat would be or if anyone has heard of it?

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  1. first

    most of the time you wont notice the difference untill you start to download 3 2gb files at once and notice that your getting about 400 kbps on each dl thread

    t3 is not fiber
    t3 is the next step up from t1 and costs a ton more your looking into the 1000+ a month range for t3 and dont say they have it here for x ammount because that would be a fractional t3

    next fiber is coming about but its limited in deployment because most networks still use coax or wire.
  2. Quote:
    i recently updated my network to 8mb comcast cable internet but for some reason i dont see much of a diference between 8mb and 6mb !!!
    I'm kinda tempted to say "duh." :roll: Your previous 10 sec download will now take about 8 (7.5, actually). Your previous 5 minute download will now take about 4 (3 min 45 sec). And, this is assuming you are comparing at times of similar loading on the cable from everyone else.
  3. Quote:
    I'm kinda tempted to say "duh." :roll:

    Double Duh 8O
    And that assumes the site serving content will spit it out at 8 Mbit.

    Seriously though, the only reason 8 Mbit from company A and 8 Mbit from company B would be better than the other is overbook ratio issues.
  4. I had comcast and switched to Verizon's FIOS service.

    Comcast is like a big party line. More users the slower it gets. They seam to have long delays. The uplink speed is where most of there slowness comes from, 256-384k. Ping times can be long.
  5. i am tryin to get Verizon FIOS> but its not available in my area yet... so i am waiting... and waiting.
    come to my area already!!
  6. I second this opinion...
  7. also T3 runs at like 44Mb, T1 is 1.5 Mb. If i remember they are SDSL, symetrical digital subscribers line, Least thats what I think its called
  8. T3 (or DS3) is a 45 Mbit leased line and T1 (or DS1) is a 1.5Mbit leaased line. SDSL is Symmetric DSL where up and download bandwidth are the same and can be done either over POTS or ISDN (which is usually one channel in a DS1).

    T1 and T3 have no overbooking and hence are very expensive compared to SDSL. SDSL bandwidth can exceed T1 bandwidth.

    As to the OP's question, fiberoptic is usually referred to as Fiber to the Home (FTTH). The infrastructure must be in place for that, every hous will have a sperate fiber coming in and an Optic NTU. This is very expensive to lay down, and is generally only set up in areas which are densely populated.
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