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As much as I'd like to get an 8800 GTS in my new system, it is just beyond what my wife and I agreed we could spend. I've not really been keeping up with technology of late and have gotten confused by advice from two friends. My question is which would be better, a 7950 GT 512 mb or two 7600 GS 512 mb running in SLI? Your thoughts are appreciated.
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  1. If money's an issue, you can get an X1950 PRO for about $160 bucks, about the same speed as a 7950 GT and it'll beat two 7600 GS' in SLI more often than not.
  2. I second Cleeve. The 7600 GS is relatively weak and SLi wouldn't help much. The 1950 pro is cheaper than both the 7950 and 2 7600's and it performs better or equal to the 7950.
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