Crossfire will not enable

I am having a problem and would like suggestions.

My setup: AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+, ecs ka3 mvp mobo, 2.5 gb ram, apevia icebrg 680 watt psu, 2x visiontek x1950pro.

Installed 2x x1950pro and had crossfire working perfectly with two ati crossfire bridge connectors. the little ribbon cables that attach to the tops of cards like sli but there are two. I uninstalled cards to test another ati graphics card and reinstalled the 2x x1950pro's. now i can;t get crossfire to enable in the ccc. I have uninstalled and reinstalled drivers several times using four verisons. used driver cleaner pro and reg cleaners between installing drivers and Cat control panel. the ccc keeps saying the interconnect cables between cards are not installed correctly, there is only one way to install. Any suggestions?
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  1. VERY GOOD QUESTION.....hav same pair...same error fix was 2go back afew cat versions (ver 8.8) was my fix...all newer versions gave me that error message....anyway hope that fixes it 4u as it did 4me. Mr Stark.
  2. 1mo thing if you find away 2get ver (8.9,8.10,8.11) 2work let me know. Again good luck Mr Stark
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