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Clean computers for profit.

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Last response: in Work & Education
November 23, 2010 9:56:50 PM

Hello Tom's Hardware Guide,

I would like to know if there is a market to have one,( like me) to go around and clean the inside of peoples computers? If not, what else? Should I go to the local computer shop and ask for a job there?

Some ideas that you have done would be nice also.

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November 23, 2010 11:56:39 PM

Cool. I'll try to experiment with that on mine first. Maybe create my own device to ground.
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November 23, 2010 11:58:23 PM

I would like to know about cleaning for cash.
January 28, 2011 8:52:57 AM

Thank you for the link Duk3,
its nice to know people read my posts and pass them on too :) 

Hi again Dogman, I'm currently about to start the cleaning side of my business, just insurance and papers to go, I have another thread on it I just started this morning,

I'm at the stage now where I'm about to start approaching local shops to see the level of interest, remember most people dont think of cleaning inside the computer, your introducing a new concept to them and will have to win them over to it,
your asking for their money and they will want to be shown that its not being scammed or thrown away needlessly,
I'll post back on here my findings, for example

Of 100 businesses approached,
Immediate interest in idea as %
Left card and brochure as % (and from this,)
Callbacks from people I left cards with as % of that section
no interest/kicked out of shop as %

My plan is to deal with small businesses mainly, 1-5 units and maybe progress to larger companies,schools once I obtain a name for good honest service,
but as I'm also balancing a Nightshift with it I dont want to go too big too soon, you may want a fulltime venture I dont know.
but yes, in my opinion the market IS there, you just need to find out any insurance/ qualifications you need,
Add it as a service in addition to hardware faultfinding/upgrades, system design/building and other pc repairman type staples
Create your brochures and business cards
Get out there and educate people about the damage that dust is doing to their valuable business asset :) 
Hope it goes well for both of us mate,
January 28, 2011 11:59:14 AM

Sounds like a good idea, but unless you are 100% confident in fixing anything that goes wrong without help, you better stay at McDonalds. What are you going to do when your done cleaning, and all of the sudden the computer don't turn on. It will be your responsibility to make it work. Maybe you accidentally shorted the motherboard. You will have to replace it with new. Some businesses wont allow you to do it, but they will take it to their own It or pro, and send you a bill.

I see way to many post from noobs like yourself, that come in here and want help because they screwed something up. Just because you built yourself a computer, doesn't make you a qualified tech.
January 28, 2011 9:00:33 PM

I'm not sure if the Jibe is aimed at myself or Dogman daship, but I'm a defensive kind of person :) 
I dont work at Mc'donalds, I'm not 15 and I dont intend to walk blindly into this project, I've spend a great deal of time and energy into it so far and am taking steps to learn as much as I can,
I agree in part with your 'Just because you built yourself a computer, doesn't make you a qualified tech.' statement, but the initial building inspired a spark, and all journeys start with a single step.
I am confident enough to approach other peoples computers because I am paranoid as you say about ' Maybe you accidentally shorted the motherboard. You will have to replace it with new' and similar issues will I don't doubt, arise over time, my job is to not short the damn mobo in the first place.
I haven't posted many 'haylp' threads on here, my first initial build was one, and the business one linked was the other, I have spent my time so far on Toms encouraging, helping where possible and above all learning,
I do see a lot of 'I want to fix yu pc 4 cash' posts as well, and I, like you, dont look kindly on people who want to rush in and make a fast pound/dollar, I see this as a hobby that I enjoy and can possibly turn into a career and am approaching it (as much as possible) from the standpoint of 'I need to learn and invest in myself to succeed)
I am confident in my knowledge and ability so far to assess and repair hardware, and in the event I was unsure of being able to fix anything I am honest enough to say so, not screw the customers pc up then say 'oh sorry I thought if I wired everything together I would work', I can't risk not being competent if I wish to progress,
I appreciate constructive criticism dont get me wrong, but I interpret your post as disparaging and dismissive, I'd expect more from a Toms member than 'omg,noob'
try to help and encourage people like myself and Dogman instead of mindlessly attempting to crush optimism and hope.

January 29, 2011 12:10:38 AM

I have read this thread before on these forums so I will repeat what I said before. Your enthusiasm to clean computers may rapidly wane if you get a computer of a heavy smoker. I have seen some appalling sticky messes in my time of computers where the owner is a heavy smoker and it has made me feel quite ill to work on their computer. I have also cleaned computers of heavy smokers for resale and it can take a lot of work and time to get rid of the smell.
January 29, 2011 5:45:43 AM

Thanks for the constructive input pmj,

Luckily for me then that in the UK smoking is illegal in places of work :) 
I have seen the lovely tar sheen though, its not something I'd want to often meet
being a smoker myself it wont bother me too much,
I'd most likely point out that the clearing of dust bunnies is my promise and if you want <Points at thing> washing, you are seriously paying out for the time and effort required,
There are obviously going to be cases of 'what have I got myself into' ahead, I can only prepare for them as much as possible and have a 'heavy soiling' premium charge in my price list,
and if the unit truly is too horrendous to even look at, I'll decline my services and post a pic on here hehe