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Problem in switching between windows !


I had a win xp sp3 installed on drive c hdd 1

and i installed win 8 on drive d hdd 2

(more info: hdd 1 is master, hdd2 is slave)

now i cant login into my xin xp !
there is no selection or boot selective menu!

i think win 8 changed my xp too !!

i critically need to login into my xp

please help me
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  1. do a boot repair with the xp disc
  2. would you please describe what to do ?
  3. in bios first select cd first boot the use the windows xp cd to made a repair in boot put cd in restart computer and when windows ask you if you want to install or repair press repair,if you not able to do it remove the slave drive so win xp will try to boot and tell you it need repair
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    Have you tried configuring your boot option in Windows 8? Go to Control Panel/System/Advanced System Settings/Advanced/Startup and Recovery. Change the default OS to XP.

    Here's a helpful link:
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