Have my windows 8 cd in hand...will my overclocks transfer?

I currently have windows 7 installed with only firefox and my steam/origin clients installed for my fav games, and I have heard from different people and reviewers that the upgrade process from 7 to 8 is quite good in retaining the saved settings or installed programs, so I do plan to do the upgrade for that reason. I'm wondering tho, I have my gtx 670 oc'd with precision x and my cpu overclocked with intel utilities....will these saved profiles carry over as well?

much thanks!
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  1. If apps W8 compatible, which they should be, then no reason why they shouldn't.
  2. To be honest, I dont know, however I have experienced in the past when upgrading an OS, the overclock caused errors on boot up. It is recommended not to use Overclocking utilities while upgrading or installing software. If you know the overclocking utilities will not interfere with your upgrade then I see now reason why this could not be setup during the upgrade.
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