D-Link DNS-323: A brand-name NAS worth waiting for.

Given all the stuff you've got squirreled away on your NAS, maybe you should be thinking of stepping up to RAID for a bit of storage insurance. Craig Ellison looked at D-Link's DNS-323 and liked what he saw.
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  1. Good review, thanks :) .

    The "Join our discussion on this topic" link isn't in the bottom of this review.
  2. Great review on a great NAS device.

    I actually just ordered 2x Seagate 500 Gig SATA drives yesterday morning from Newegg... they were (still are) at $150 a piece, and $4 to ship each to me.... Any word on when this NAS will be available? Every page I have found shows it to be out of stock or backordered, including D-Link's page.

    Also, as the previous poster stated, there is still no "join our discussion on this article" link within the article.
  3. Hi,
    Enjoyed the review, just can't find any in stock in the Uk.

    One thing that was missing from the review was the amount of RAM that the device uses.
    I tried looking at the pictures but the wording was two blurred.

    Could you let me know the ram and flash sizes please.
    I want to add some of my own services such as a cvs server and this info would be very useful.

  4. Just noticed on the D-Link page that this unit is in-stock now... Hooray...
  5. Wanted to share the following link with other DNS-323 owners...


    Also, Firmware 1.02b was released yesterday. :D
  6. The D-Link DNS-323 is a terrible device. It was a waste of time and money for me. Dumps data just by powering it off & on. Tigerdirect will not refund me my money because it is a programming error on the unit. D-Link will not issue a refund because they don't refund people for their products and only tell you to contact the seller, Tigerdirect.
    I could barely hear Tech Support and their phone system dumped me 2 times, both times the Tech Support tech was talking to me mid-sentence.
    For more on my experience with a D-Link DNS-323 go to http://www.broadbandgis.com/public/DNS323.pdf.
    This device should not be used to back-up data!!!
  7. would I be right to assume that this would be the best devise in its class
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