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Hello,there is a toxic smell in our house. We called the fire department and they came out to check, but said there was nothing burning. We left the windows open all night and left the house and came back this morning and the smell is still there. All the animals are alive. Have a new baby and wife that has asma and shipped 3 other kids to their grandma. Who can I call to check it out?
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  1. Probably your tennis shoes. Eventually you get used to the smell.
  2. I would recommend your local Township City Department to come out & review your sewer system to see if there is any backup or issues. However, this forum is a technicial site so we'll provide little to no "toxic smell" support. :(
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  4. I know a little about such matters, as I work for a city.

    If it is a rotten egg smell, chances are that it is sewer gas. You may have a backed up sewer or sump system. Usually it contains hydrogen sulfide, a very poisonous gas that can be deadly if it is present in sufficient quantities in the air. Keep the windows open, especially with a youngster in the house until the city can come out and have a look at it. If it is a sump issue, get a hold of a private contractor to have the issue remedied ASAP.

    If you have any additional questions, feel free to PM me.
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