Display Problem: Graphics Card or Monitor?

:arrow: I have PII IBM (350 MHz APTIVA) with Win98 and nVIDIA Graphics Blaster RIVA 128ZX. Image display has been working very well on this machine for many years, until recently. Starting about 1 month ago there is a problem displaying some thumbnail images and some small .jpg images that are on web pages. When I open a web page, or after the web page has been opened and I hover the cursor over a thumbnail, the image turns slightly dark and displays a somewhat posterized rendition of the thumbnail with vertical lines in it. The image returns to normal when I move the scroll bar. I updated the drivers for the graphics card and the monitor, and I also recalibrated the monitor, but none of this fixed the problem. Any suggestions what might be causing this, and how to fix it? Graphics card or monitor problem, or something else? Thanks. :?:
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  1. Tx 4 fst rply. It does seem to happen in off-line webpages. Also, I noticed just now that it seems to only happen with thumbnails and other jpg images that are used as hyperlinks!? Could I have an incorrect browser option set for displaying hyperlinked images!? But if problem could be hardware (graphics card), are there any diagnostic tools for debugging (freeware!), keeping in mind my PC is a PII - Win98? Thanks again.
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