2nd SATA HD not recognized in bios

There always seems to be one more thing to go wrong. My new build has been running well for several days. I have received my 2nd hd (both are seagate 320 sata II) and installed. Bios does not recognize it, it seems to be trying, when I auto detect on the channel, it takes much longer to not recognize it than the channels with nothing in them.

My mb gigabyte ds3, I'm hooked into the Intel supported connections on the mb. I have swapped cables on the hd, then at the mb. I disconnected the working drive and the new drive still not detected. I tried to enter manual description in bios, but when set to manual, I can't get to the info fields (cyl etc).

Any ideas? Is this doa or am I missing something simple (I hope). While I'm waiting, maybe I'll try to connect it to the JMicron sata connections.
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  1. Highly possible a DOA since you plugged this in the working connector. RMA it ASAP.
  2. Thanks akhilles, already did. Will go out UPS today. I called Seagate and they agreed. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't overlooking something.
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