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Hey I recently started my home build yes I am A Newbie messed around fixing pcs but never built so I will start by telling you my setup
Xiode Case
ECS Elitegroup 915pl-A2 Socket 775 MOBO
Intel P4 3.0 Ghz HT 2mb Cache 800FSB Socket 775
Radeon X550 256Mb DDR2 PCI E Video
Maxtor 200GB 8mb Cache 7200Rpm ATA Hard Drive
Ultra X Connect 500 Watt PSU
Thermaltake Mini Typhoon CPU Cooler
Lite-ON Dvd 52x Cdrw
I Used Rounded IDE Cables
OCZ 512Mb PC3200 DDR400 Memory x 2 With Ultra memory Coolers
OK so I installed the Cpu and Cooler Then Instaled PSU put the MOBO in Case(Yes wore Anti Static Strap and Grounded myself before hand) Hooked up speaker,Front Leds,Pwr Switch and Reset switch as well as front usbs and mic audi header. o and cpufan to correct slot connected four pin connecter to ATX4P1 as well as the square on in the area of cpu I have a 20 pin power cable the mobo is a 24 but book said 20 would work so connected that as it said.Round ide cable to hard drive switched jumper to MA Hooked up video card installed memory as what the book from MOBO said I am sure I might have left out a couple little connections. But here is my Prob I turn it on all my fans works it will stay running But cant see crapola I have tried 3 diffrent memory cards 2x pci-e and 1x pci. Notta so I have taken this apart and redone 3X to the MOBO Book and cant get a dern thing I have treid running one stick of memory interchanging beetween slots. I am beating my head in a corner because this is my first one and cant seem to get it going. I have 11 fans total that stay running fine the hard drive is kicking on and running the led shows that as well I have also tried clearing cmos. by the jumper and removing battery. I was told that if you rmove the battery it wont turn on but mine runs without it just as it does with it.Please help me I expect jokes because I am fresh fish but I just want this to run.What did I do wrong????
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  1. Hmm... Id say try different video card like 6600 or so just get one at compusa and then return it if that doesnt fix it.

    Try disconnecting all the fans besides the cpu one of crouse and see if it boots, im not big fan of Powersupplys by ultra or any products they make at that. Maybe the voltage is too low at boot so it wont post cause the psu is shitty.

    If it doesnt fix it and just changed the video card.. my guess is motherboard or maybe powersupply.. try changing one of them and see what happens.
  2. unplugging fans is not going to do a thing for you, it sounds like a bad video card, or maybe a bad mobo. but it sounds like a video card. even it was bad memory you should be getting something on the screen. have you tried a different monitor? it shouldn't matter if the cmos battery is installed or not it just will reset all of your bios settings to default once you turn off your computer without a battery. but i am going to say to try a different video card if you can.
  3. Yea I have tried three diffrent Video Cards A el cheapo from walmart and a geforce 5200 none worked. I have as well tried to disconnect everything but the bare minimals running just memory cpu cooler case 1 case fan and video card and still got blank. I was thinkin it was MOBO but wanted to make sure before I went to the return process. Being that this was my first PC I have already learned lessons on certain things. Any opinons on my hardware in general though be harsh if needed I can handle it I know its not top of the line by any means but I dont have fundage for Top.
  4. Now.....if this were my system I would unplug the power cord and check all the internal connections and make sure they are correct.

    I would especially check the front panel connections to make sure they are connected correctly. I found out that each connector has a triangular marking that indicates positive Voltage (? proper terminology).

    I would comb the manual for information on all connections. I might move the graphics card to another slot to see if there is an incompatibility issue.

    On the system I have now I have to reset the BIOS each time I make a change to the system. With the power cord disconnected I remove the battery and clear the Real Time Clock. Your manual should include these instructions.
  5. not that this is what is wrong, but I know ECS are one of the worst for having to return them (RMA). When they work, good cheap boards, I have a bunch of them.
  6. Try reseating the CPU. Disconnect as many things as possible.
    Do you get any beeps?
  7. No beeps notta I have reset the bios and cmos a time or two. I ran it without the front panel connected by jumping the power switch.
  8. Take the motherboard out of the case put it on a piece of cardboard. Leave only the CPU and the power connected and the front panel on switch connected. See if you get a beep. If you are not getting a beep, probably the motherboard is bad. Examine the CPU for burnt marks also.
    If you have a compatible processor you can try that.
    Then add memory. See if you get a beep.
    Then add a video card. Look for beeps and video.
  9. Yea tried that no go. But I figured out what one of the problems is my Internal speaker isnt working???? I tried hooking it momentarly to a battery and just gave out a click. Where can I buy a new one??? and also my speaker hookup on the MOBO has 3 prongs(4 but 2nd slot is empty) and the speaker I have only has two wires is this normal???
  10. :oops: I clearly didn't understand what you were talking about.
  11. The connection is probably fine sounds like two connectors for the speaker or one connector to hold the wire if you do not want the speaker hooked up. Putting a battery on a speaker is bad :cry:
  12. Ok so I had my MOBO exchanged tried new video card and still no go I tried to nech test it and notta...... I am out of all options now?? I know my memory is good because I used it in my other pc and worked just fine..
  13. So I got angry scrapped the ECS and went for a Abit IP-95 MOBO got a 24 pin for the PSU and new CPU lets hope for the best
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