Has Chaintech gone out of the motherboard business?

Their motherboard site is no longer up.

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  1. Yes, they went out of the motherboard business shortly after making the motherboard that you have, which is also the one I have. It's a sweet board and it has run flawlessly for me for 2 years now, I was sad to see Chaintech leave.
  2. bought out by walton, now walton chaintec, making memory and gfx cards, i love my apogee, has run perfectly for nearly5 yrs now flat out, would have stuck with them if they still made boards, cant beleive i can get 1000+ on fsb of board nearly 5 yrs old.
  3. The first time i built a system since 3 or 486? days I built myself an amd 3200 on a asus k8v. While I was creating this, my daughter was jelous and in need herself. So I trimmed the 'cool' stuff from my build and made her one too. The chaintech mb (i dont remember the model); I selected for her, was easier more reliable ETC....It is still in service at a friend's house. (he has low gaming needs) I am now building a new intel machine and the first thing i discovered was I cant buy another chaintech MB.

    My asus p5k pro w/ e8400 attached is sitting in the floor inside the antec 900 waiting for the rest of the components. I really wish It was a current Chaintech product.
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