How to convert offline dynamic drive to online

Hi my old hard drive is not displayed in my computer. But it is displayed as "Dynamic and offline" in computer managment. I have some important data to recover, please let me know how I can convert to online so as to recover the data.
Thank you.
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  1. Hello, & Welcome to Tom's Hardware!

    What kind of Dynamic disk is it? Simple, Spanned, Stripped, Mirrored, RAID 5?

    Normally you can just right click on the Disk Status, and choose Online.
    You can also use the cmd line utility DiskPart. At the command prompt, DiskPart> then 'list disk', then "select disk x", then 'Online'.

    The Offline status occurs when a dynamic disk is not accesssible, either corrupted or intermittantly unavailable. There should be an 'error' icon on the offline dynamic disk if there is a problem.
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