8800GTX motherboard 8xpcie artifacts???? help??

Okay I built my own system. ECS SLI nforce570 REV. 5.1, Pentium D 805 2.66ghz, PNY DDR2 667 2x1gig in dual channel slots 1&3, PC PowerAndCooling silencer 750 sli, x-fi Xtreme music soundcard, 1 7200.9 seagate 160gig H.D. (Primary) Pata100 and a seagate barricuda pata100 250gig(secondary),EVGA 8800GTX,liteon dvd 18x.

I built my system mainly for gaming. I used to have a 7900gto, which ran perfect, except far cry the water had blue grid like textures floating on the water, I thought it was just the far cry coding, but now I upgraded to the 8800gtx and I am having some similar problems. in far cry there are random black squares as ground textures, then in CRC Racing 2005 (wich worked fine with the 7900) The driver is stretched all the way out of the car and into the sky, and there are trees flying around in the air. Also nvidia's smoke demo loads into the black screen and I get a microsoft error message and it wont even load. I thought it was the graphics card so I contacted evga and they thought it was the chipset drivers. I thought it was a bad card so I took it over to my friends house who is running a 680i board and an 8800gtx, and plugged it into his. Anyways After we plugged in the cards the drivers didn't recognize it (bios id code?), so we reinstalled the drivers and it worked fine. Tried the smoke demo and the games and they worked fine. So its not the graphics card, cause it works in his and every other game works perfect on mine for hours and hours.

So I am wondering if its because my card has a physical pciex16 slot but only runs in 8x mode. That is the only thing I can think of. Anyone else having similar problems?? I tried updating my drivers for the graphics card
and the motherboard. All voltages and temps are normal, card wont hit highter than 65c load, 52 idle. I am stumped.... I cant find anyone else with this problem.. Thanks for your help.
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  1. When I posted I made a mistake, it says cards when it should say card.. When I switched cards into my friends computer, I pulled his card and only ran mine, it ran perfect, no problems, JUST WANT TO BE CLEAR ITS NOT IN SLI...
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